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Marlena DeFalco 08/23/2021

Take It To The House. NFL Super Bowl LV (55) 2021
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The calendar may say it's still August, but the return of our favorite fall brew lets us know that cooler weather is right around the corner.  As the daylight ends a bit earlier each day, and trees show signs of shedding leaves, it’s evident that summer is packing up and Autumn is moving in. You don't know what you're more excited for, the start of the football season or when your favorite coffee shop releases their  pumpkin spice latte .  

To start the season off right, we want to help you prepare your home with a fall home maintenance checklist , like this one from Bob Vila.  We put together a two-part resource guide dividing your to-do list between your home's exterior and interior. Start from the outside and move inward so you can take advantage of the last days of summer before the weather changes. 

Let's start with Part 1, our list of outdoor tasks that will make your home fall ready: When you are ready to tackle the indoors, look no further than our very own indoor resource guide:  “Take It To the House Part 2! It’s Time For Football and Your Indoor Fall Home Maintenance Checklist”



Photo Credit: Adrien Olichon. Make sure water drains away from your house and foundation.
  • Inspect Your Roof and Clean Your Gutters: Your roof serves as a barrier to protect your homes interior; it also regulates your energy costs. Often taken for granted, gutters help divert water away from your home and prevents water damage to your roof, siding or foundation.  Proper inspections, cleaning and regular maintenance can help you avoid costly headaches.

  • Let Your Exterior Lights Shine Bright :  As the days get shorter it is important to prepare your outdoor lighting.  Inspect each fixture looking for exposed wires that pose a safety risk, which could get further damaged by the winter weather.  Now is also a great time to remove debris, clean the lenses or replace batteries in motion sensors.  Update your bulbs to more energy efficient LED lights. 

  • Winterize Your Sprinkler System and Drain Faucets:  If you reside in a colder climate, be sure to winterize you irrigation system before your region experiences freezing temps. Water left inside pipes can freeze, expand and crack causing extensive damage. Shut off the water to all of you outside faucets. For extra protection, put insulating covers on all of your outdoor spigots. 

Photo Credit: Vecislavas Popa.  Smaller leaves left to decompose on your lawn can provide many natural benefits.


  • Leaf Clean-up: Looking for a time saver? Better Homes & Gardens presents a few reasons why you may choose to leave your leaves . But don't skip this chore altogether because larger, thicker leaves can damage turf. Also be aware of potential safety hazards. Wet leaves can lead to slip and fall accidents, while dry leaves are combustible which could catch fire.  Be sure to clear your driveway and sidewalks.
  • Seed and Feed: Fall is the optimal time to care for your lawn according to Scotts . Want to give your shrubs a head start in establishing roots, early fall planting may be perfect for your region. Don't forget to trim back overgrown trees or bushes and remove dead branches to protect your plant's overall health.  
  • Store Patio Furniture and Garden Tools : All chairs, tables and umbrellas should be stored in a place that will keep them clean and dry. If storage space is limited, securely covering your outdoor furniture with a waterproof tarp will protect them through the fall and winter months. Before you put your gardening tools away for the year, be sure to clean and sharpen them. That way they are ready to go for the spring, saving you time down the road.


RezDox RULS (Residential Useful Life Indicator) is automatically applied to 15+ major systems and home appliances, so you know when items need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Become a RezDox member. Track your home improvement projects and know the useful life of your major systems . You can now anticipate future repairs , if you use RezDox as your home's record keeper. If organizing your home maintenance seems overwhelming, RezDox offers Data Entry Services.  Cozy up with your hot beverage; let us do the heavy lifting.


By doing these basic, yet crucial steps in preparing your home for fall, you will be able to enjoy the autumn season and all of the amazing things that come with it, worry free. Furthermore, you will be protecting your most valuable investment, your home.

And remember, make it easier to get the most value out of the hard work you put into maintaining and improving your home by enlisting the help of RezDox’ cloud-based platform to quickly and accurately record, access and update all of your home improvement and maintenance projects, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Now, where’s that coffee?


Marlena DeFalco

LinnellTaylor Marketing



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