Digitize your home's invoices. Visualize your home's equity.


You've transformed your home. Now it's time to see your return on investment and real market value. Introducing RezDox. The modern way to capture and manage your home's equity.


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Home Owners

Your home's history is your future equity.  

Know the real market value of your home by joining a smart tool that digitizes and calculates your home's renovations, improvements, and maintenance in real-time.


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No more guessing about a home's condition. Deliver transparency.


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Home Service Pros

Grow your revenue & retention rates. Increase their equity.


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Increase Your Financial Freedom. Build Home Equity

Home history made easy. All of your projects in one place.

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Manage your home like an investment.  

  • Financial Dashboards. Know the equity gained from your renovations and improvements.
  • Useful Life Indicators. Monitor your home's major systems to keep up with repairs or replacements.
  • Smart Tools. Share your Home History Log with potential buyers, appraisers, inspectors and more.
  • Get Rewarded. Earn points for your activities. Redeem for home improvement gift cards.

"Very impressive idea to assist home owners with establishing a maintenance history for their homes. I need this website, as my home repairs and renovations have never been tracked or written down anywhere." "Thanks RezDox."

G. Hendley
Denver, CO

"Absolutely amazing product you have here. The features are exactly what's needed for a home owner to treat their home as an investment."

N. Simmons
Dallas, TX

"Tying my business to the home through the project share process gives my business the protection it needs in the event the home owner moves or sells. I can retain work because my business is connected to the home."

V. Adams, Camelback Electric
Phoenix, AZ

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We work with companies that are built for our industry. They embrace innovation and provide exceptional customer service to home owners. These incredible companies use RezDox to work smarter, increase retention, and stay organized. These businesses joined RezDox to bring their projects and products to life.

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