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INTERNS. Come one, come all. Submit your resume to let us know how you can make a difference at RezDox! We are currently only accepting resumes for Internships.

To start off, we look for people who are intellectually curious, innovative, results driven and team oriented. We want people who are positive, collaborative and willing to grow as RezDox continues to evolve. Most important, we seek those who can embody and demonstrate our five core values:

Passion - pursuit of excellence in everything we do.
Inspire - empower ourselves and each other to achieve more than we thought possible.
Act - think as owners and do what is right for the company, the members/users, our team and the community.
Commit - constructively challenge each other's ideas, commit as a team and then support one another.
Ambition - think different and think often about improving innovation and yourself.

Fostering a great work environment at RezDox starts with providing a positive experience to job applicants throughout their candidacy. Each of the sections below is intended to help you become familiar with our hiring process. When you're ready to begin, click this link write the word "INTERN" in the subject area, attach your resume & press send. 

The Hiring Process

Here is what you can expect after submitting your resume:

Initial Screening

We will review your resume. Applicants whose resumes appear best suited for RezDox will be contacted for a preliminary phone screen. This initial contact will enable us to gather more details about your background and to clarify or put context around information on your resume. Top candidates will be invited to in-person interviews.

On-site Interviews

We will try to conduct interviews on-site so that candidates begin to feel the spirit and energy of our special workplace. Candidates will meet the hiring manager during the on-site interview, and depending on the role, other RezDox employees may participate in the interviewing process as well. Throughout this stage we focus on scheduling accuracy and timeliness, so that all interviewers respect the candidate's time. We want your interview experience to be positive and engaging.

Hiring Decision

The hiring manager will confer with the other interviewers to gather feedback. The hiring decision can take some time, especially when there are multiple hires, but we try to move as quickly as possible in making a final decision. Once we select the best candidate for the position, the hiring manager will contact the candidate with an offer. Those candidates who do not get an offer of employment will be notified so that they can pursue other opportunities.