Increase Visibility. Maximize Profits.

Take Retention Rates To New Levels.

Connect And Build Long Term Relationships With Homeowners




Project Log

Complete organization for each of your client's renovations, service calls, maintenance procedures and home improvements.


Virtual Business Storefront

Grow your presence. Create a custom store for your business. Attract and engage new audiences.



Bring clients to your business. Save money with a simple to edit online advertising tool.


Home Retention

Share projects with connected home owners. Be first in mind when the current or new home's owner needs service, maintenance, an improvement or a renovation performed.



Connections bring referrals, and a network of home owners looking to hire great Pros to boost their home's value and market appeal.


Mobility Optimized

Work stress-free in a secure cloud-based workspace transferring the important project details your clients need.

Convenient Online Experience

At A Glance.


Accurately determine your business' revenue from the projects you performed.

Enhanced Organization.


Document the important aspects of your projects: Product(s) used. Brand. Model number. Size. Quantity. Manufacturer. Retailer. And Total Cost. No more extra trips to the home improvement store because you don’t have the right part for the job.



Earn rewards for logging project history and connecting with homeowners. Redeem them to offset your business expenses.

Reach Homeowners Everywhere With Your Targeted Ads

We make it easy for homeowners to find your ads. Your connected homeowners receive instant notifications about a current promotion or seasonal deal you are advertising from your RezDox Virtual Business Storefront. Eliminating the expense paid to advertise in weekly circulars. 

Efficiency From Connection To Final Invoice

Giving paper invoices to homeowners or emailing invoices is a thing of the past. Provide them organization, a secure storage environment, and the ability to view the equity gained from their projects. Help your homeowners and yourself go paperless.

Streamline Your Financial Process Create Invoices With The Click Of A Button

RezDox takes the project details entered into the Project Log and formulates them into a digital invoice, giving you a seamless action to send invoices for faster more cost-effective payment processing.

Move Your Business Forward With RezDox

Home Service Pros
Real Estate Agencies
Mortgage Companies
Financial Institutions
Home Improvement Retailers
Renovators (Flips)
Insurance Agencies
National Home Builders
Home Inspectors
Custom Home Builders
Home Warranty Companies
Home Owner Associations
Architectural Companies


8 OUT OF 10

"Home owners seek to have improvements, renovations, repairs and maintenance performed on their home at any given time throughout the year."

-Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University


"Average amount a homeowner spends renovating while living in their home." "This is the same amount a Home Service Pro loses when the homeowner sells their home."

-National Association of Home Builders

Tying your Business to the home, gains you an endless revenue stream. Connect. Offer unbeatable deals and meet a large number of new clients focused on building home equity.

Business Accounts are a one time payment of $150.00. 


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