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Client Services 08/28/2020

"Thanks to you and RezDox for keeping me organized while making my life just a bit easier!

Just a quick "thank you" to the support team, related products and assistance over at RezDox! Over the last several years, their website has assisted and aided me to organize and gain control of the everyday repairs, services and home improvements added to my living residence. It wasn't until most recently when I began investigating the opportunity to sell my home and a request was initiated for a "laundry list" of all that I had done and accomplished over the last 5 years of ownership. By simply adding each improvement, maintenance item and service to my home history log as it was completed, I was able to print the history of this data entry within minutes and present to my broker. He was excited in all that was revealed and included from project type, dollars spent, location of projects, vendors used, etc. More importantly was the simplicity and ease of calculations to garner transparent insight into the equity value gained from these home improvements. In a world where synergy and communication is key, I couldn't be more pleased with the comfort and knowledge that all aspects of my home efforts could be found in one place."

Jeff Robinson

Colorado Homeowner



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