About Us


Is the answer to finding a home’s real market value. Our mobile responsive website allows homeowners to document their home repairs and renovations...from modern updates, to landscaping to simple home maintenance tasks, like changing filters and having your windows cleaned. RezDox delivers innovation to the real estate industry through a modern, smart and intuitive tool that builds your home's history and tracks the equity a homeowner gains from home improvements, in real-time. Everyone from homeowners, contractors, and Realtors, to home buyers, renovators (flips), banks and insurance companies can benefit from RezDox. 

We created a business centered on honesty, simplicity, and creativity. We have high expectations for ourselves and even higher expectations for our customers to challenge us to make RezDox exceptional. We are motivated to deliver world-class customer experiences. In these times those words sound like empty promises, but who doesn’t want to be a part of a company where employees, partners, and customers feel like they are friends?

Our customers come first, then profits, and not the other way around. We will set out to do everything right for our customers; the byproduct of that behavior is a healthy company with sustainable growth.


Founders of RezDox