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Marlena DeFalco 05/28/2021

Updating On a Budget? Take it Outside


An urban oasis with a garden wall, outdoor uplighting and modern fireplace.

Spring has once again graced us with its warm allure, and that means those outdoor home projects you have been thinking about since last summer and through the winter can finally come to fruition. But what are the most financially responsible projects a homeowner can do?

While not every project is going to be a “big” one, every project should add value to your life and your home. The RezDox team has compiled a list of some easy to do, and cost effective outdoor home projects you can do this spring.

Find Your Green Thumb


Short on space? Create a vertical garden by hanging small containers on a sunny wall.

A backyard garden is one of the most wonderful compliments to creating your outdoor sanctuary, but what if you don’t have enough space, or your current garden bed isn’t satisfying your green thumb? The solution, a vertical garden that can attach to your existing fence. There are a few ways to tackle this project, and Good Housekeeping has instructions for this DIY that are easy to follow and easy to do.

Maintain Proper Lawn Care


Improve your curb appeal and keep your lawn looking healthy year round.

When it comes to your yard itself, having a good lawn care system is crucial to your home’s value. It’s easy to do the bare minimum and get by with grass that appears “nice enough,” but by adding the recommended six applications of lawn fertilizer and weed control annually at a cost of approximately $375 dollars per 2,835 square foot of lawn, you could reap a substantial 267% ROI. 

Create an Inviting Space


Add some drama and sophistication with outdoor chandeliers. 

Now to consider the outdoor lighting of your home. Having adequate lighting outside is not only a good measure of safety, but also adds an ambience to the setting. There are plenty of options out there for simple and inexpensive lighting upgrades. However, if you’re in the market to invest in motion sensor lighting or low-voltage landscape options, your initial cost will go up, but the average return on your investment will be about  50%.

Cozy it Up


Keep the party going all night long with a cozy fire pit.

In the summer months there’s nothing more relaxing than gathering around a fire with friends and family. While there are plenty of options for fire pits that are easy on the budget and as simple as positioning it where you’d like and starting the fire, spending a bit more now to install a permanent fire pit will provide a 67 percent return on your investment when you sell your home. S'more for me please.

Make it Count


RezDox RULS (Residential Useful Life Score) notifies you when systems are nearing the end of their average life.

For other project ideas that are not only practical and beautiful additions, but will also boost the value of your home, check out this list of 12 value adding projects from

Whatever project you’ve been considering, if it falls in your budget as a viable home improvement, shoot your shot and get it done. It will improve your quality of living and reward you financially should you decide to sell your home in the future.

As always, let RezDox help you track and store all of the details for the projects you do. Then, sit back and watch the equity pile up.


Marlena DeFalco

LinnellTaylor Marketing



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