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Take It To The House Part 2! It's Time For Football and Your Indoor Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Return to Articles

Marlena DeFalco 09/09/2021

Take It To The House. NFL Super Bowl LV (55) 2021
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Labor Day, back to school, and the NFL's regular season games are unofficial kickoffs to the fall season. Although the autumn equinox doesn't occur until September 22, you still have plenty of time to tackle your fall chores.  To start the season off right, we are providing a two-part resource guide dividing your to-do list between your home's exterior and interior.

Part 1 of our autumn maintenance guide focuses on the exterior "Take It To The House Part 1! It's Time For Pumpkin Spice and Your Outdoor Fall Home Maintenance Checklist." We recommend starting outside first, allowing you to take advantage of the nicer weather.  

Now that you completed Part 1, are you ready for Part 2?  Let's get started! Here are a few key items that you must-do for the inside of your home. 



Photo Credit: Lum3n.  Caulking windows and doors helps stop air and water from getting inside your home.


  • Check Your Windows and Doors for Drafts: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat loss through windows is responsible for 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. So completing this task will not only keep you and your family more comfortable through the fall and winter months, but it will also save you a tremendous amount of money in the long run.
  • Kill the Germs : Keep your home germ free by disinfecting household surfaces including high touch areas like light switches, remote controls and faucets.  If you use a humidifier , be sure to clean it once a week as it can emit mold and microbes. 
  • Monitor Your Thermostat: Save money on your heating bills by adjusting your temperatures while you are asleep or away. For each degree your lower the temperature in the winter (or raise in the summer), you save 1-2% on your energy bill. The lower your interior temperature, the slower the heat loss. So the longer your house remains at a cooler setting, the more energy you save.  To increase optimal performance, make sure your thermostat is located in an interior hallway away from direct sunlight, or away from drafts caused by doors or windows.  A digital thermostat can help you customize temperatures to ensure you're comfortable based on your schedule. 




Photo credit: Enrique Hoyos.  Wood burning fireplaces produce carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. Ensure your fireplace has been cleaned and inspected to avoid health problems. 


  • Clean out Air Ducts and Change Filters: If this is a task you have put off for too long, you may need to tap into a professional service for the job. But if you are on it and change the filters regularly, you can get away with simply vacuuming and wiping down vent covers and ducts as needed. Additionally, when you do change a filter, capture the product details and installation date in RezDox so you know when the next replacement is due.
  • Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans: One small, but effective way to prepare for fall is to change the direction that your ceiling fans rotate. Counterclockwise is the desired direction when trying to cool your home, but when rotating clockwise, warm air that collects near the ceiling is pushed out toward the walls and down into the room, again saving you money on energy costs.



RezDox RULS (Residential Useful Life Indicator) is automatically applied to 15+ major systems and home appliances, so you know when items need to be repaired or replaced.


  • Become a RezDox member.  Track your home improvement projects and know the useful life of your major systems. You can now anticipate future repairs, if you use RezDox as your home's record keeper. If organizing your home maintenance seems overwhelming, RezDox offers Data Entry Services.  Kick back and watch the game; let us do the heavy lifting.


Now that you’ve done your adulting, don’t forget to have some fun and enjoy the unofficial end of summer by soaking up the days while you still can. Football is back on and the meats need a smokin', so invite over the friends for an outdoor dinner and some backyard games. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard fire pit, be sure to take advantage of it and relax. 

And as always, enlist the help of RezDox’s cloud-based platform to quickly and accurately record, access and update all of your home improvement and maintenance projects, anytime, anywhere and on any device. Quiet now, the game is on!


Marlena DeFalco

LinnellTaylor Marketing



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