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Trachelle Spencer 06/28/2020

National Insurance Awareness Day: Are You Covered?

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The Atlantic Hurricane Season: June 1 - November 30

Your home is your largest asset, but owning a home comes with its own set of risks, which is why you should get homeowners insurance.  Insurance is typically required by your lender if you financed your home and protects your property from various events such as: wind, fire or hail.  Insurance also covers your personal belongings in case your stuff is stolen or destroyed.

Do you have the right coverage? 

Here are nine reasons you should review your insurance policy annually, prior to renewal. Did you know that your insurance policy could be cancelled if you do not complete requested repairs?  Under the condition of your agreement, your insurance company has the right to protect their investment and therefore can make critical repairs mandatory.  If you get cancelled, this could affect your future insurance score, or insurability, resulting in significantly higher rates.

RezDox RULS (Residential Useful Life Score) helps homeowners know which repairs are critcal.

What about natural disasters? Are you Prepared?

Flood.jpg Tornado.jpg


  • Flood Season:  There is no specific season, but mostly occurs between Spring and Fall

  • Thunderstorm/ Hail/ Tornado Season: April - June 

SouthernOregonUniversity.jpg Hurricane.jpg

  • Fire Season:  June - April

  • The Atlantic Hurricane Season: June 1 - November 30

Monsoon.jpg WinterStorm.jpg


  • Monsoon Season: July - September

  • Winter Storm Season: Begins between October - November


Documentation is key.

Being able to provide a report of your home’s maintenance and improvements helps the insurance inspection process. Having a list and total value of your personal possessions will ensure you get the proper replacement coverage. 


RezDox Home Inventory Log with the ability to upload images and videos. 


RezDox is the only tool you need. Safely and easily keep all of your residential documents stored electronically in one place.  Seeking a new agent or policy ? Maybe one of the companies listed in the RezDox Business Directory could help. 


Trachelle Spencer

Co-Founder, CEO RezDox



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