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Trachelle Spencer 02/08/2021

What most homeowners don’t realize is that home appliances begin to fail around 9 years of age, and the median life expectancy of your home’s major systems is only 13 years.

Useful life, also known as life expectancy, is the estimated time in years that a component can be expected to serve its intended function if properly constructed and maintained in its present application or installation.

Experts recommend you budget between 1-4% of your home’s value, annually, to keep up with proper home maintenance.  The older your home, the more you should start replacing home systems to help avoid costly emergencies.

RezDox monitors your home’s major components including heating, cooling, appliances, roof, windows, and paint, among others.  RULS (Residential Useful Life Score) provides traffic light indicators for your home, giving you early warnings of the potential need to repair or replace your systems.

How does it work?  Our algorithms determine the age of more than 20 products.  It starts with the year your home was constructed, or if a component has been replaced, the date of your home improvement.  Next, we compare the age of each item to industry standards to determine its useful life indicator.  

There are three categories identified by traffic light signal indicators color-coded in green, yellow, or red.  Green demonstrates the beginning of a product’s lifecycle.  Yellow represents the middle of a product’s lifecycle.  In this stage, regular maintenance or service is recommended.  When a component turns red, that means the product is nearing the end of its lifecycle and replacement is inevitable.  

Our RULS indicators can help you determine if it is better to salvage your hot water heater or if it’s time to replace it.  Of course, the best way to determine the true status of your system is to have it checked and maintained on a regular basis by an expert.





Trachelle Spencer

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